Airbus A321 landed in airport Kyiv

31 October 2017
Airbus A321 landed in airport Kyiv

For the first time in the airport Kyiv landed the largest aircraft of the family of medium-haul Airbus - Airbus A321.

Airbus A321 has an extended fuselage comparing to other models and an increased passenger capacity.

This is a technical flight of the Carrier YanAir Airlines but in the near future the Airline YanAir plans to operate on regular routes, in particular to Tel-Aviv.

The airfield of the Airport Kyiv (Zhulyany) of the class B (4C), capable of providing aircraft 4 of the aircraft (4C code with restrictions), helicopters of all types and lighter airplanes.

Runway length - 2 km 310 m x 45 m, type of cover - asphalt concrete, PCN 44 / R / C / X / T. The aerodrome is equipped with landing systems OPRS-A, RMS type SP-90, aerodrome lighting system HIL-I.

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Galyna Bogdanenko, Head of Press Service, Marketing and Advertising The international airport "Kiev"

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