Passenger satisfaction airport services «Kyiv» (Zhuliany)

  1. Informative and easy to use web site airport.

  2. Airport infrastructure. Public transport, taxis, parking.

  3. Cleanliness, comfort and level of services provided at the airport.

  4. Registration passengers, waiting in line, ease of passage, courtesy of staff.

  5. Level services of cafes, bars, restaurants in airport.

  6. Availability and cleanliness of toilets airport.

  7. Time of the necessary formalities: aviation security, customs and border control.

  8. Time baggage claim and its integrity. (If you have previously used the services of the airport).

  9. Overall impression of the airport «Kyiv» (Zhuliany).

  10. The overall impression from visiting business hall of the airport «Kyiv» (Zhuliany)

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