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International Airport Kyiv (Zhulyany)
Code: IEV

Terminal A - Kyiv, 2 Medova St.
Terminal B - Kyiv, 2 Medova St.
Terminal D - Kyiv, 2 Medova St.
Administration Building, Kyiv, 79 Povitroflotskyi Ave.

You can get Kyiv International Airport by taxi or public transport. Below you can see list of transit routes or routes with Kyiv Airport as a final stop.
Public transport stop is situated 200 meters far from the terminal A, D and 50 meters far from the terminal B. The final stop of trolleybus №22 is situated in front of the terminal B

Public transport runs from 06:30 till 22:30.

Вид транспорта Номер Маршрут
Minibus routes 169 Vishneve - Starovokzalna St. (near Main railway station)
Minibus routes 565 Subway stations: Shuliavska, Dorohozhychi, Petrivka
Minibus routes 368 Boyarka - Starovokzalna St. (near Main railway station)
Minibus routes 302 Vishneve - Subway station Kontraktova Sq.
Minibus routes 482 Glushkova Ave. – Subway station Dorogozhichi
Minibus routes 496 Subway station Lukyanivska - Teremki
Minibus routes 499 Subway stations: Lukyanivska - Vasyl'kivs'ka - Teremki
Trolleybus 22 Kyiv Airport - Subway stations: Shuliavska, Dorohozhychi, Syrets
Trolleybus 9 Kyiv Airport - Subway stations: Lva Tolstogo Sq.
Bus (transit transport) 80 Kibcenter (Glushkova Ave.) – Sevastopolska Sq.

Tickets price for minibus routes: 4-6 UAH (you should pay while entering the minibus).
Tickets price for bus and trolleybus routes: 4 UAH (you should buy ticket at the kiosk or from the driver and validate it while entering the vehicle).

Routes connection you can see on the website , Kyiv metro map is available here.

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