Training Center

Training Center

"MASTER-AVIA" Training Center is a certified civil aviation training school:

  • in September 2015 successfully passed the UA CAA certification - the Approval Certificate of State Aviation Administration of Ukraine is obtained. The Approval Certificate indicates that the Training Center "MASTER-AVIA" meets the applicable certification requirements of the current aviation law of Ukraine and confirms the right of the Training Center to provide professional training for ground handling personnel;

  • in May 2016 successfully passed the UA CAA verification of the certification of training centers for aviation security personnel training and the Certificate of State Aviation Administration of Ukraine is obtained. "MASTER-AVIA" Training Center meets all requirements of Ukrainian legislation, which regulates the aviation security personnel training, and is able to provide the training process in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations of the aviation security training centers certification.

AVIATION SECURITY training courses:

Aviation Security Training Program BASIC

Basic training of aviation security personnel in the aviation entity on their ability to perform certain tasks in accordance with the requirements of the existing regulatory database.

After completion of the course, aviation security personnel will be able to:

  • maintain reliable communication within the aviation security and cooperate with other departments of the aviation entity;

  • control the movement of persons and vehicles;

  • protect and patrol vulnerable areas, facilities and aircrafts in the aviation entity;

  • identify weapons and explosive / incendiary devices;

  • provide aviation security control of passengers, their luggage and hand luggage;

  • accompany persons and cargo;

  • act in a crisis situation in the aviation entity.

Aviation security INITIAL training

  • For aviation entity staff who performs their functions in a controlled and restricted areas

  • For Ramp and Passenger handling staff

  • For Cargo agents and Cargo shippers

  • For Mail and Postal handling staff

  • For employees of protocol services and other entities that are engaged in VIPs handling

  • For Leaseholds of Aviation entity

After training completion and exam passing, student obtains a CERTIFICATE (the sample approved by UA CAA).

PASSENGER and RAMP HANDLING training courses:

«Dangerous goods transportation by the air»

  • IATA category 7

  • IATA category 8

  • IATA category 9

  • IATA category 10

«Ground administration and control»

  • Weight & Balance, Load Control

  • Creating, editing, sending of loading and movement messages

  • ULD handling

  • Turnaround and supervision of AC ground handling

  • Basics of ground handling services for management and administrative staff

  • Airside safety and emergency response

  • Regulations of cargo and mail handling

«Passenger handling»

  • Basics of passenger and baggage handling

  • Handling and verification of transportation documents

  • Passenger and baggage handling (check-in, embarkation, disembarkation)

  • Handling of transfer and transit passengers

  • Lost and Found servises

  • Handling of special categories of passengers

  • Passenger handling during inconsistencies with flights

  • Immigration and visa verification

  • Dangerous goods in cabin luggage

  • Ammunition transportation by passengers

«Baggage sorting on departure and arrival»

  • Overview of processes

  • ULD handling

  • Baggage sorting on departure

  • Baggage sorting on arrival

  • Special baggage

«Ramp handling and activities»

  • AC types and GSE positioning

  • Operating of AC doors

  • Parking of AC

  • Ramp to flight deck communication

  • AC loading and unloading

  • Loading / unloading control

  • Passenger bridge operating

  • ASU operating

  • Turnaround coordination

  • Push-back / towing tractors operating

  • Catering ramp handling

«Aircraft handling»

  • Interior and exterior cleaning

  • Toilet and Water services

  • ACU operating

  • GPU operating

  • De/Anti-icing

After training completion and exam passing, student obtains a CERTIFICATE (the sample approved by UA CAA).

To arrange the aviation security training please contact:
Tatiana Forostovets
Aviation Security Instructor
Mob: +38066 912 01 02 

To arrange the training of your ground handling personnel please contact:
Dmytro Kalinchuk
Head GH Training Department
Mob: +38063 599 98 48

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