Traveling with animals

sobaka1.pngАnimals  transportation must be agreed with the carrier in the presence of the relevant documents.

Regulations for transportation of animals

On the transport of animals on board passenger aircraft must be reported at the time of purchase of the ticket.

Passengers at a time are allowed to carry no more than two animals. All questions on the resolution on the importation of the species and breed of animal verify the consulate of the destination country.

The passenger must have a certificate issued by a competent state agency, and other documents necessary for the veterinary authorities of the country to the territory of (from or through the territory) which the shipment.

Number of relevant baggage for carriage of animals on each aircraft is different, so the carrier should clarify safeguards and standards of transportation.

In the cabin of the aircraft is permitted to transport animals in a container with a total weight not exceeding 5 kg.

The cost of transportation of animals

Mass followed by animals and birds, including the mass of the container (cage) and the food is not included in the free baggage allowance. The animal is weighed together with the container

Transportation cost depends on the total weight.

Transportation of animals is paid in cash in excess baggage hall reception.

FREE guide dogs are transported without cells over the free baggage allowance, provided that such a dog eat dog collar and a muzzle and it is on a leash by the owner.

For the transport of animals or plants must undergo herbal and veterinary control.

Racks and animal quarantine phytocontrol located in the left wing of the airport complex in the baggage claim area of international lines.

Veterinary service  +38 (044) 339-28-43

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