Transportation rights

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There are two types of baggage: unchecked baggage (carry-on/hand luggage), which you can take on board and checked baggage, which is carried in the baggage compartment of the aircraft.

Norms of free baggage and carry on baggage allowance depend on the direction and airline rules.

Please note that passengers are not allowed to carry in the baggage items and substances which is listed below:

  • explosives;

  • compressed and liquefied gases;

  • flammable liquids and solids;

  • radioactive materials;

  • oxidants and peroxide bleaches;

  • poisonous and toxic substances;

  • corrosives.

In addition to the above mentioned items passengers can not carry as carry-on baggage piercing and cutting items as well as liquids volume of which is more than 100 ml. The liquids transported in carry-on baggage must be packed in a transparent container (volume up to one liter).

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