Priority Line


The International Airport Kyiv provides «Priority Line» service

If you value your time, then the Priority Line service for you.

Priority Line is convenience service to accelerate all formalities:

  • Personal support
  • meeting passenger vehicles on the airport parking area
  • Service without waiting in line
  • luggage packing
  • On time registration tickets and baggage
  • Passing of aviation security, passport and customs control through specially equipped points in the terminal accompanied officer Priority Line
  • Getting  passengers from/to airplane by personal comfortable transport.

Priority Line 5* Service:

  • Personal support
  • Service without a turn
  • Meeting and placing cars on the forecourt of the customer
  • Check-in and packing luggage
  • Passing of aviation security, passport and customs control through specially equipped points in the terminal accompanied officer Priority Line
  • Getting passengers to the plane by personal comfortable transport
  • Help with luggage from the transport of passengers
  • Comfortable Business-lounge

Priority Line Service Price

Destination Regular passenger
Kid 6-12 years
Domestic flights
650 UAH 325 UAH
International flights 900 UAH 450 UAH
Domestic flight Priority Line 5* 1400 UAH 850 UAH
International flight Priority Line 5* 1650 UAH 975 UAH


Priority Line allows you to go through all the formalities in minimum time!


To order the Priority Line service call us by number:

(+38 067) 171 54 54

or fill electronic aplication form

We wish you a good flight!

ORDER Priority Line

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  • Terms and conditions Priority Line service Terms and conditions Priority Line service

    1. General provisions
    2. Given rules are worked out on the basis of current legislation of Ukraine.
    3. The Rules for air transportation of passengers and baggage set by air company on the base of current legislation of Ukraine and make reservation in the Air Carriage agreement (ticket)
    4. Priority Line provides services to the passengers with prepared travel documents.
    5. With the purpose of providing safety of civil aviation either on domestic or on international flights, according to the Law of Ukraine On border control from 05.11.2009 № 1710 - VI (revised on 11.08.2013), by the Custom code of Ukraine from 13.03.2012 № 4495 - VI (revised on 23.10.2013), safety inspection control is conducted. All passengers, their carry-on baggage, luggage, all personal things are subject to inspection.
    6. Priority Line serves passengers both on domestic and international flights, and persons, they are accompanied by.
    7. Passenger must adhere the rules of presence in the Terminal.
    8.Priority Line providing services order:
    8.1. Service orders are taken orally on the telephone number +38 067 171 54 54, in writing by e-mail:, but not later than 3 (three) hours to departure/ arrival of the aircraft.
    8.2. Customer must provide information for service request, namely: date, flight number, passenger surname, contact number.
    9. Providing services order on departure:
    9.1. Passenger must arrive in the airport not later than 1 (one) hour 20 minutes to departure time on international flights and not later than 1 (one) hour to departure time of domestic.
    9.2. VIP administrator skips the passenger car in obedience to the service order on an entrance on the terminal territory.
    9.3. VIP administrator meets the passenger and helps with luggage, accompanies him to the check-in desks.
    9.4. Passenger gives travel documents and document that certifies his personality (on Air Carriage Agreement).
    9.5. Passenger passes safety inspection in accordance with established order; in the case of international flight custom and passport control is conducted.
    9.6. Passenger is escorted by the VIP administrator on the special transport heads to the aircraft after passing of necessary procedures.
    10. Providing services order on arrival:
    10.1. On exit from the aircraft passenger is met by the VIP administrator with the special table (with the last name of passenger, or without, if it is specified at an order).
    10.2. VIP administrator accompanies a passenger on the special transport to the Terminal
    10.3. Passenger passes custom and passport control In case of international flight.
    10.4. For all questions connected with service in the Terminal, passenger can adress to the VIP administrator.
    10.5. The LTD "Master-Avia" company does not bear responsibility for actions of airlines, and also custom and frontier services, and the possible inconveniences related to their activity, namely:
    - aircraft replacement before the flight;
    - stand replacement after check in;
    - custom and\or passport control delay;
    - delay or abolition of the flight;
    - lost or damaged luggage; others.

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