Cargo terminal of airport Kyiv is a new temporary storage of goods arriving and departing which could be served at airport.

Cargo terminal is served by the operator — LTD "Master-Avia". Also terminal performing handling of cargo which could be transported by foreign and domestic airlines, and proposed customs brokerage and storage services.

We will help you to solve the issues of transportation, storage and customs clearance, and will render professional advice on all related issues.

Main activities:

  • - FEA outsourcing;
  • - customs clearance in Ukraine, the European Union, China and the Russian Federation;
  • - air cargo to / from Europe, Asia, America and Africa;
  • - air travel within Ukraine;
  • - cargo transportation;
  • - cargo insurance;
  • - advice on all matters of foreign economic activity.

Cargo Terminal Facilities:

  • - terminal handling and storage of general cargo, heavy cargo, weapons, drugs, valuable cargo;
  • - transport services on the territory of Ukraine;
  • - inform customers about the status of the cargo;
  • - acceptance of the goods to the warehouse and delivery from the warehouse;
  • - cargo terminal service "200";
  • - storage before departure; loading on the vehicle and delivery to the aircraft;
  • - loading in the plane and mooring;
  • - ensuring safety and security measures in handling.

Handling special cargo:

  • - perishable goods (day of departure / arrival);
  • - live animals (day of departure / arrival);
  • - formulation of transport documentation;
  • - control (Scan to Rapiscan) on air cargo security;
  • - additional services.

We offer a comprehensive service of your company in international trading for delivery customs clearance, storage, legal and financial clearance of your goods.

Cargo operations manager Cargo Service Department

Bondarenko Valeriy

Head of Cargo Customs Complex


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