safety regulations

Your safety and comfort are our top priority

Dear passengers!

Kyiv airport resumes to operation on 16th June 2020. Due to COVID-19 pandemic additional rules are in effect to ensure security for you and others.

▸ Upon entry, inside and on exit stickers on the floor wil help you to keep social distance - 1.5 meters.

▸ Temperature screening is performed at the entrance to the terminal. Passengers with a temperature above 38 degrees and with signs of respiratory infection (cough, shortness of breath, runny nose) are not allowed in the terminal.

▸ Passengers are not allowed in the terminal without wearing masks / respirators. Make sure you wear a protective mask or respirator properly throughout your stay at the airport.

▸ Entrance to the terminal is only permitted with a travel document and no earlier than 4:00 before the flight.

You can get acquainted with full information and recommendations concerning COVID-19 on the official state portal

Dear passengers, in order to avoid misunderstandings during the check-in procedure for the flight at the international airport "Kyiv" (Zhulyany), we ask you to carefully check the entry and transit features in the country of destination (transit) during the Covid-19 pandemic.
To do this, we suggest you use the information posted on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, or to clarify this information with representatives of airlines, at the embassy of the country in which you are traveling.
Thank you for using the services of Kyiv International Airport.


Additional information and recommendations for entering countries during the quarantine period:
Re-open EU
IATA Travel Center
▸ Ministry of Foreign Affairs official portal:

Passengers arriving from red zone countries are required to undergo 14 days of self-isolation or take a PCR coronavirus test.
At the airport there is a testing laboratory for the coronavirus of the "Verde" clinic. Employees conduct PCR tests for coronavirus for all flights from "red zone" countries at the airport "Kiev". The point of taking the tests is located in the arrival hall of terminal A. The cost of the test is 1700 UAH. You will receive the results by email within 24 hours and at the same time they will be sent to the Public Health Center for removal of self-insulation.

Book a test online:
+38 (044) 344 89 99 hotline (8:00 - 21:00)

Convincing request: fill in the questionnaire data correctly to avoid delays in obtaining the results.

We recommend using Priority Line or Business terminal for extra care and speedy arrival/departure procedures.