Relaxetion Room

It is always exciting to discover the world with your little ones, but sometimes traveling for kids as well as parents can be overwhelming.

That is exactly why IKA offers different kinds of services to smooth the journey for all the family members, as there is nothing better than a smile of our young travelers. Pregnant women or children under 5 years of age have a free access to relaxetion room that offers lots of pre-flight activities.

For moms and infants: changing table, feeding high chair, nursing station, playpen, small play area with carpets, beds, family restroom, kitchen with all the necessities like sink, kettle, water dispenser, basic kitchen utensils, electrical outlets.

For toddlers and young kids: different toys, coloring and activity sheets, markers and crayons, child-sized table and chairs for quiet activities, TV, beds.


First floor pre-security screening zone, Terminal A; Second floor post security zone, Terminal A.


Maximum 24 hours stay allowed. From 3 to 4 hours stay, if airport is busy.

The room is available around the clock.

Changing stations in washrooms are available throughout the terminals.