Rules of crossing the state border of Ukraine by citizens of Ukraine

At IEV everyone has to go through passport control. You will go through boarder control immediately after completing the security check.

Ukrinian Border Police officer will ask you to see your passport or a travel document and any other supporting documentation that is necessary for your visit.

Please remember that your passport must not expire during your visit to Ukraine.
You must:

  • ▸ have your passport ready (please, remove it from a holder or wallet if you are using one);
  • ▸ remove your glasses if you’re wearing any;
  • ▸ move through the passport control together if you’re traveling with your family;

Border crossing by citizens of Ukraine

  • ▸ the passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad (international passport)
  • ▸ diplomatic Passport
  • ▸ official Passport
  • ▸ travel document for a child
  • ▸ seafarers' Identity Document
  • ▸ aircrew Identity Document

Cases when a citizen of Ukraine may be temporarily denied crossing the state border:

  • ▸ he is aware of information that constitutes state secret;
  • ▸ unresolved alimonies, contractual or other outstanding obligations are in the process;
  • ▸ he is prosecuted;
  • ▸ he is sentenced for the offense;
  • ▸ he evades the obligations imposed by the court decision;
  • ▸ he informed deliberately false information about himself;
  • ▸ he is subject to conscription for military service;
  • ▸ a civil lawsuit is filed against him;
  • ▸ he is recognized to be an especially dangerous recidivist by a court sentence or is under the administrative supervision of the police.

Travel abroad by minor children - citizens of Ukraine

Under Ukrainian law, citizens who have not reached the age of 16 years can only travel outside Ukraine with the consent of both parents (including adoptive parents) or guardians and accompanied by them or by persons authorised by them.

1. Ukrainian citizens under the age of 16 years traveling outside Ukraine with one parent or persons authorised by a parent is only possible with the notarized consent of the other parent or both parents, indicating the state of destination and the length of stay in this state.

  • 2. A departure from Ukraine without the notarized consent of the other parent is possible when:
  • ▸ The other parent is a foreign national or a stateless person, and this is confirmed on the child's birth certificate.
  • ▸ The child's passport or other travel document evidences permanent residence of the child outside Ukraine, or evidence consular registration in Ukrainian embassies abroad, with the mark of "permanent residence abroad" or "permanent consular registration" in the child's passport or travel document.
  • 3. A departure from Ukraine with the notarized consent of the other parent is possible when you can show:
  • ▸ the other parent’s death certificate;
  • ▸ a court decision on parental rights deprivation;
  • ▸ a court order recognising the other parent as legally disappeared.
  • ▸ a court order recognising the other parent as incapable.
  • ▸ a court decision on permission for the citizen of Ukraine under the age of 16 to travel without one of the parents’ consent or accompaniment;
  • ▸ child’s birth certificate issued by the Civil Acts Registration Office with specification of all the grounds including all information about parents according to Part 1 Article 135 of Family Code of Ukraine (when a child leaving Ukraine for abroad accompanied by a single mother).

Border crossing by foreigners and stateless persons

Foreigners and stateless persons enter Ukraine only when they have a passport and a certain type of visa, which is required by a current legislation or an international agreement, if there are no other requirements.

Copies of passports, visas and other documents confirmed by a notary give no right to cross the state border.

Documents required for crossing the state border of Ukraine:

  • ▸ international passport;
  • ▸ document allowing returning to the country of citizenship or permanent residence (in case of the passport loss on the territory of Ukraine);
  • ▸ Ukrainian visa (for citizens of the countries which have visa regime of entering)

Attention! ID-card, which identifies the personality, gives no right to cross the State Border of Ukraine.

The list of countries, citizens of which enter Ukraine without a visa:EU countries, CIS countries(with the exception of Turkmenistan), Andorra, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Vatican, Hong Kong, Canada, Israel, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Mongolia, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, San Marino, Serbia, The USA, Turkey, Montenegro, Switzerland, Japan.

Registration at the check point

Foreigners and stateless persons who have come to Ukraine are allowed to stay on its territory temporarily on the basis of their registration at the check point. Ukrainian border authorities are now collecting biometric data from travelers entering the country. Ukraine's State Border Guard Service officers take biometric data from foreigners and stateless persons by scanning 5 fingerprints of either hand. Foreign visitors’ and stateless persons’ identification can be established with the use of finger prints scan of up to 4 fingers of either hand.

Confirmation of credit history (financial status)

Entry, stay and transit through the territory of Ukraine for foreigners and stateless persons is made in the presence of adequate financial support or opportunities to obtain such support legally in Ukraine. The procedure for confirmation of adequate financial support and its volume is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Foreigners and stateless persons are obliged to submit proof of financial support at the request of the authorized officers.

  • Availability of financial support or guarantees of its availability may be confirmed by presenting the following:
  • ▸ cash in the national currency of Ukraine or in convertible foreign currency;
  • ▸ a document indicating the amount of money, in exchange of which cash may be obtained from the banking institutions of Ukraine;
  • ▸ payment cards of international payment systems supported by the statement from the applicant's bank account, confirming the available amount of cash;
  • ▸ a document confirming the reservation or payment for food and lodging while in Ukraine;
  • ▸ contract for travel services (voucher);
  • ▸ a guarantee letter of the host who invited a foreigner or a stateless person with the commitment to pay all expenses associated with the stay of the above persons in Ukraine and leaving Ukraine;
  • ▸ a travel ticket to return to the country of nationality or the country of residence or to a third country.
  • The subsistence minimum per person is 2,027 UAH from January 1, 2020, UAH. The minimum financial support is considered by the formula:
  • FS = ((20 х Smin) : 30) х (AD +5)
  • ▸ FS — financial support
  • ▸ Smin — subsistence minimum
  • ▸ AD — expected amount of days you plan to spend in Ukraine
  • Example:
  • ▸ 7 days = ((20 x 2027) : 30) x (7 +5) = 16 216 UAH

What to do if you lost the document required for border crossing

In the case of the passport loss foreigners and stateless persons must immediately inform the representatives of the country they enter and police to receive a special reference (certificate) confirming this fact. In this case the entry to Ukraine can be done with the document allowing returning to their own country which was issued in the Consular establishment of their own country.

The order of entry and exit for persons to the temporarily occupied territory