Traveling with animals

Your pets are welcome on board! With International Kyiv Airport everyone is traveling safely and comfortably, even animals. Please, book your trip in advance and inform the airline company right away to make sure you have all the required travel documents and to confirm there is space for your pets on the flight.

Pet travel restrictions:

  • ▸ No more than 2 pets per passenger are allowed.
  • ▸ You can carry your pet on board in an approved pet carrier no heavier than 5 kg with the pet inside.
  • ▸ Before traveling with a pet to another country, contact that country's embassy or consulate for all the detailed information you need and their requirements.
  • ▸ You need to have an international health certificate that was completed by your veterinarian and endorsed by an official government veterinarian as close to the date of travel as possible. Please remember that every country has limits as to when the certificate expires.


When checking in your pet with carrier or food, the fee is not included in the free baggage allowance and the according service fee will apply.

The cost will be calculated based on the combined weight of your pet and its carrier.

Traveling fees can be paid at the oversized baggage counter located in the check-in area.

Guide dogs are accepted free of charge when accompanying a passenger with a disability. The dog should be on a lead with a muzzle and harness.

It is necessary to pass veterinary control prior check-in.

Animal Transportation Control and Quarantine Sector is located at the international baggage claim area on the left.

Veterinary Service at the Airport: +38 (044) 339-28-43