16 / 06 / 2021
Flying to Slovakia from Kyiv Sikorsky International Airport (IEV): what you need to know

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Slovakia is still closed to tourism. However, active international air traffic continues with the country.

Fly from Kyiv Sikorsky International Airport (IEV) to Bratislava city, the capital of the Slovak Republic, with Wizz Air. It operates every Friday until July 9, twice a week (Monday and Friday) until July 16. From July 19 there are three flights a week scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Only citizens of the EU countries can cross the border of Slovakia without restrictions. Meanwhile, other countries nationals can enter Slovakia if they:

  • have been granted a valid residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic,
  • are relatives of person with the permanent or temporary residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic or relatives of the citizen of the Slovak Republic,
  • persons who meet all the conditions for a general exemption from compulsory isolation and other obligations after entry specified here.

IMPORTANT: All passengers, regardless of the country of departure, must meet the following conditions upon arrival:

  • immediately upon arrival, each passenger has to register online and be ready to present this registration certificate any time if requested,
  • in addition, if arriving by air, the passenger is obliged to fill in the Public Health Passenger Locator Form. If, at the time of arrival, the passenger has symptoms typical for COVID-19 patients, they are obliged to inform their local doctor or any relevant doctor in the Slovak Republic about it,
  • all persons entering the country are required to stay in self-isolation until they receive a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test. Such a test is not required for children under the age of 3, if not prescribed by a pediatrician.

These requirements do not apply to freight drivers, pilots, air crew members, passengers in transit crossing the country's borders within 8 hours and without stopping, etc. (more details here).

In order to determine further steps mandatory for all persons arrived in the territory of the Slovak Republic, the local authorities have imposed the System of travel semaphore. According to one, each country is assigned a specific color corresponding to the epidemiological situation there. You can see the details here and here.

IMPORTANT: a face protective mask is mandatory in the Slovak Republic. The specific requirements for wearing ones depend on the district Degree of Alert. There are districts one needs to close their nose and mouth in only if participating in mass events, and there are others where the face must be covered at all times.

Indoors, in public transport vehicles and taxis, regardless of the district Degree of Alert, protective masks and/or respirators are strongly required. Exclusion is only possible for children in kindergartens, persons with mental disorders and hearing impairments, as well as for those doing sports in gyms.  

The duty to cover the nose and mouth outdoors depends on the current situation with the spread of coronavirus in a certain district. Each of the district's current status and relevant requirements can be found here.

Meanwhile, social and cultural life in the country has returned to normal.

Transport is operating as usual.

Shopping malls, restaurants, historical and cultural sites are open to the public. However, food courts are still closed inside malls. But restaurants and cafes located outside accept guests, which number depends on the epidemiological situation in a particular district.

Swimming pools are also open, the permitted number of visitors depends on the epidemiological situation as well.

Hotels, theaters and cinemas, museums and art spaces operate under the same conditions.

Please note: in all districts, a negative Ag test no older than 24 hours, RT-PCR/LAMP test no older than 72 hours is required to enter internal services of waterparks. An exception is possible for children under the age of 10.

Please note: negative test result can be substituted by a confirmation of vaccination or by a confirmation of recovery from COVID-19 no older than 180 days.

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