A comfortable parking allows for guests and passengers of our airport to leave their vehicles in safe hands.

Parking near terminal A and D

Parking near terminal A and D Arrival and departure from the parking is carried out automatically. Receipts received at the entrance must be paid at parking machines installed at the exit from the arrival zone. Mahcines accept both cash and debit/credit card payment. After payment, you must leave the parking within 10 minutes.

Detailed terms & conditions for parking are available below. All prices are in UAH, including VAT. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. If a parking ticket (receipt) is lost, you must pay a fine of 500 UAH. in addition to the parking cost.

Parking rates (fees)

0–5 minsFor the first 30 minsPer 60 minsPer 24 hours

Parking near terminal B

The parking is in a secluded area with access through a checkpoint. Vehicles are guarded around the clock and are under video surveillance. Service is complimentary for terminal B passengers, and can be purchased additionally for passenger flying through terminals A or D.

Parking rates (fees)

Per 24 hours
Terminal B passengersCOMPLIMENTARY
Termina A/D passengers390.00 UAH