07 / 12 / 2021
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The solo exhibition “Wings” of contemporary Ukrainian artist Olga Kizub has opened at the Airport

December 7-27, 2021

The exhibition is based on the concept of traveling to different parts of the world, once opened up by the artist with IEV: expectations vs. impressions, emotions transposed onto the canvases. In her works, Olga compared realism and subjective abstraction.

Olga Kizub: “I addressed each country with paired equidimensional canvases. One component of the paired painting depicts a locality specific to a particular country, and the other component – my own impressions, a rethinking of the inscape of the country”.

In total, the exhibition presents 16 works from 8 countries: Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, Lithuania, and Ukraine. One of the paintings “Miravet-upon-Ebro” won the first price in the competition in the United Kingdom.

“I was searching for images, which conveyed the centuries-old history, cultural, religious features of a country, I made the selection based on my “internal shield”, and I had to be scrupulous and attentive to focus on the key issues and avoid surface effects,” said Olga. “Sometimes, I looked through thousands of photos before finding a proper landscape”.

Work on creation of paintings lasted 2 years.

“Some tasks were easy to deal with, but there were several paintings, which I made anew three or four times. There are principles of painting established for each territory, and I tried to translate these traits into my works,” revealed the artist.

According to Olga Kizub, author of the “Wings” project, such a project is delivered in the art history for the first time.

We kindly invite you to visit the exhibition, which is open to everyone from December 7 to December 27, 2021 in Terminal A of Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport.

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